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The Best in the Food Industry Since 1972

Our quality construction in the food processing and manufacturing industry is a requirement with results. By using proper materials, proper equipment, and our best means and methods of construction practices, the result is a facility that operates efficiently, with low maintenance costs.

Why Choose Todd Construction?

  • Experience & Reputation Since 1972
  • Specializing in Food Processing Construction
  • Specializing in Cold Storage Construction
  • Member of International Association of Cold Storage Contractors
  • Member of Food Processors Machinery and Suppliers Association 
  • Member of Mid West Food Processors Association
  • Member of International Dairy Foods Association
  • Member of California League of Food Processors
  • USDA Consultants and HACCP Specialists
  • Solid Reputation For Projects On Time and Within Budget
  • Unparalleled Safety Record
  • Company GMP’s and SSOP’s For Working In And Around Ongoing Food Plant Operations
  • Highly Trained and Skilled Project Team, From Project Management To Field Labor
  • Proven Quality, Proven Dependability, Proven Performance

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Our staff is well trained in meeting the needs of food processing plants and cold storage warehouses. Our team is HACCP certified and SQF accredited and understands GMPs and SSOPs when it comes to working in and around food processing operations. Our many years of experience in assisting you in developing your flow of operations provides best product thru put, from raw products in to finish products out. Find out what TCS can do for you!

We would be honored to help you meet your next business milestone. If you have questions, need preliminary consultation, or are ready to get started, we are ready for you. If you are in need of remodeling, or plant expansion, or an entirely new facility, we work from concept to completion