A Cold Place – Cold Storage Construction

Cold Storage Construction in California Have you ever wondered how companies like Tree Top Juice, 7up and RC Cola, and Sunkist keep their cold items cold when they produce them? Well anyone who knows that these items are produced in a warehouse and that warehouses sometimes get hot and stuffy, would definitely be interested in knowing that these items are produced in a cold warehouse that is almost like a huge refrigerator. These warehouses have to be specifically made for these companies, and the construction company that builds this type of warehouse has to know exactly how. This process is called Cold Storage Construction, and the company that does this for the companies mentioned is Todd Construction Service. Todd Construction Services specializes in building structures to keep things cold. They are one of the most qualified construction contractors of cold storage facilities in all of the United States. The companies mentioned above are only a few of the companies that needed to keep their items cold and called upon Todd Construction Services to build their facilities. There are many more that know about this great company and have utilized their services. Cold Storage Construction is not the same as any other construction method, and it requires specific know how, ability, and expertise to be created effectively and efficiently. Todd Construction Services work closely with the clients so all of their needs for their facility are met. These needs usually include that they are:
  • Easy to keep up
  • Expandable
  • Energy efficient
  • Environmental and ECO friendly
  • Designed capable for room
  • USDA approved
Todd Construction Services has been in business for over three decades. They are best known for their Cold Storage Construction, but they also do more for the clients. They are also experienced in:
  • Architectural Services
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Expert Product Installation
Todd Construction Services can construct and maintain:
  • Cold Storage
  • Refrigerated Warehouses
  • Cold Warehouses
  • Metal Panel Construction
  • Panelized Construction
This company can do it all and they have been for years. They are the best in what they do because they have been doing it for so long, and they will be doing it for years to come. They are well trusted because they do the best work. If you have a place that needs to stay cold, Todd Construction Services should be the first call you make. They are the first company the big organizations call. Why not you?