An Organized Warehouse is An Efficient Warehouse

Based on the concept of Lean Manufacturing, improving your warehouses efficiency will make it far less likely that there will be complications. It will also reduce waste and lower cost as an effect. So how do you achieve this efficient setup? Let’s go over the details, shall we?

Know Your Space

It is beneficial to know the floor plan and space design of the warehouse. The shelving, desks, traffic patterns and open floor space all need to be accounted for. If you are having your warehouse built, incorporate these concepts into the design. An example here would be to know the exact need for shelving so you can compensate for foot traffic.

Be Meticulous

There is a place for everything and you know them all. Period. Have an easy to understand order to things and a filing system that works well. It makes the system easily teachable. You are far less likely to lose or misplace things this way. An example here would be to never stack different items together. 

Stay Organized

This goes hand in hand with being meticulous. Organization can mean the difference between on time and a cancellation. It also means keeping the areas clean of any debris or containers. Make sure that everybody is on the same page here. An example here would be to place a chart, clearly visible with organization details.

Monitor Your Inventory

If you have something in your space that isn’t checked or doesn’t belong, move it out. It is taking up valuable space. Make sure to designate specific areas for specific items. This will eliminate any confusion. In addition, selling or getting rid of unnecessary items will keep from undue expansion costs. A smaller space means less cost for security measures as well. 

Following these simple guidelines will help your bottom line and your sanity when it comes to your warehouse operation. There may be a few adjustments that aren’t listed here, but these are the key points to consider for any warehouse. In the end, it is the warehouse manager who puts all of this into motion and keep it operating smoothly. This is the foundation to a properly-run warehouse operation, small or large scale.

Maintaining efficiency is the primary goal of any business, at least it should be. If you maintain yours properly, you’ll thank yourself for it.