Bringing the highest standards to Cold Storage Construction

cold storage warehouse Here at Todd Construction Services, it is a point of pride for us to offer the absolute best in cold storage warehouse construction services. There are a number of issues and challenges that cold storage construction can present based around the area the building is scheduled to be built on. With our immaculate record for on-time delivery while offering outstanding quality, we are able to guarantee our customers that their project will remain hassle-free for them from beginning to end. Every single cold storage construction project that is done by Todd Construction Services is one-of-a-kind and unique, as each job has its own specification and special requirements of the customer. There are many options and choices when it comes to warehouse storage; from engineering considerations to the selection of the site for the project, all the way to the finished build. No matter if your priorities lie in making sure you have the type or style of warehouse storage rack systems you need, or perhaps you are more concerned with making sure the lifts, cranes, and conveyance system in your warehouse are efficiently installed and organized, the team of consultants Todd Construction Services brings to each project will advise and communicate with you on every step of your cold storage warehouse construction process. An important point that requires heavy consideration in any cold storage construction project is what type of concrete flood needs to be laid. Most people would assume that one concrete floor works just as well as another, actually there are many different types and grades of concrete floors that each require their own methods and means for installation. Todd Construction Services, with over 40 years of experience, has the knowledge and experienced staff for dealing with all different types of concrete floors. Our talented team of professionals can advise you on the very best options of concrete floors and sealing systems for your specific needs. Every cold storage warehouse that we manufacture and build comes with different requirements and specifications based on the needs and purpose of that particular warehouse. We take these factors into account at every step of the process, even down to what concrete floor is the best choice for your warehouse. At Todd Construction Services, specializing in cold storage construction means we completely and absolutely understand the importance of every detail, no matter how big or small. We also understand that different types of products and materials require different environments and we make it a point to focus on the fact that creating a variety of different cold storage environments requires us to make the correct adjustments in the construction process. Everything from the storage space required to the amount of shelving space needed. The materials used at different stages of the construction process to even the location and climate of where the warehouse is being built. Todd Construction Services makes it our business to cover and consider every point and detail to make sure we deliver the best in cold storage warehouse construction to our customers on every project we undertake.