Cold Storage Design and Construction

Cold Storage Design California   Since earliest times people have found that their food would last longer when stored in a cool place for times when food was not available. More recently, people realized that foods stored above 41 degrees Fahrenheit would soon taste bad, and most recently will make consumers sick. The importance of consistent refrigeration cannot be underestimated. Research has proven that in the “danger zone” for food, two families of bacteria thrive. The growth of spoilage bacteria causes food to lose its taste and develop unpleasant odors. The growth of pathogenic bacteria can cause illness and sometimes death in the consumer. The principles of refrigeration are the same for a home refrigerator and an industrial one, starting with setting and keeping the temperature below 41 degrees Fahrenheit. But what about commercial food handlers and processors? The requirements are the same, but bigger. For a business that relies on the freshness of their food products, it is essential to have cold storage that will not fail. The saying “when in doubt, throw it out” can be very expensive for a business that has failing cold storage. We came across Todd Construction, in business since 1972, but since 1989 has grown to business development in 23 states and 2 foreign countries. Their success is based on a solid reputation for projects on time and on budget. This reputation is centered on a highly skilled project team down to pre-screened skilled labor capable of completing projects with minimal supervision. Testimonials endorse that Todd Construction does what it says it will do. Problems are solved together with their customer. Cold Storage construction   Whether the job is a facility expansion or upgrade, designing and building new manufacturing facilities, or building facilities for coolers and freezers, every job starts with quality design. That means understanding the customer’s individual flow of operations from raw product to finished product and every step in between. Once the customer needs are understood, the Todd design team integrates best practices and regulatory requirements to arrive at a proposal for a quality facility that operates energy-efficiently with low maintenance costs, high output value and no down time. The bottom line? Todd Construction uses their skilled staff and superior design capabilities to create world-class processing facilities with reduced energy consumption, on time and within budget.