Key Steps into Managing Your Warehouse

Cold Storage Construction Warehouse

Two key components of successful warehouse management are organization and productivity. Although, there are many reasons why organization of your warehouse is extremely important, one of the most important reasons is allowing you to provide your customers and clients with prompt, dependable deliveries. Leaving your customers in a lurch because your business fails to deliver on time is bound have a negative impact on your business.

Increasing sales and profit margins should not be the only consideration when making warehouse organization a priority for your business. Having a well-organized warehouse will not only help your business run more smoothly, but will also help your employees do their jobs more safely and efficiently. This could lead to increased productivity and increased revenues.

Here are five warehouse storage organization tips for small businesses:

  • Label every section and aisle in your warehouse just like supermarkets do. Your workers will be able to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently, rather than wasting valuable time locating items that would easily found if a labeling system were in place.
  • Unless your company is fortunate enough to have access to cherry picking machines be mindful not to stack your inventory to high. Stacking your inventory properly will not only allow easy access to your inventory, but it has the added benefit of providing a safer working environment for your employees.
  • Stack your inventory according to weight. Heaviest items should always be stored on the bottom, while lighter items are best stored on top. Organizing your warehouse in this way will help your business’ bottom line by minimizing losses due to damage. It will also help prevent needless injuries to your employees.
  • Arrange the products stored in your warehouse by category. Most companies ship products from several categories. If this is true, then you should organize products within each category. In a clothing warehouse store shirts in one section and pants in another section etc. Arranging items properly will help order pickers locate merchandise more quickly. It will also streamline the labeling process.
  • Store your fast-moving inventory in the front of the warehouse. Quick access to your highest selling items will minimize confusion for your employees, and speed up your packing and shipping process. Keeping fast-moving products on the front-line will ensure that customers get items that they want most more quickly.
Keeping a well-organized storage warehouse is simply good business!

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