Some Effective Ways Warehouses can Save Money and the Environment

electric-forklift Can using electric forklifts help to control the emission of greenhouse gases and ultimately help the environment? You bet! In fact, using electric forklifts – as opposed to propane operating forklifts, can help to save over 20,000 pounds of greenhouse gases every year, according to a study conducted between 2010-2015.

What does it mean to save money while having a lower impact on the environment? For warehouses, it means a lot! That’s why the types of forklifts that a company uses can have a big impact on the environment, but can also be inconsistent with environmental preservation.

So the questions can be asked…electric forklifts or propane forklifts? After safety in a warehouse setting is achieved, the next best way to operate is through efficiency. The forklift is vastly important for any warehouse that conducts business. So what is the better choice to go with, electric forklifts or propane forklifts? When it comes to these two choices, the best and most environmentally friendly would be the electric forklifts. Why? Because electric forklifts have zero emissions which means there are no exhaust fumes contaminating the warehouse, which makes it much less likely that warehouse employees are exposed to dangerous fumes. By using the electric forklifts, air quality is automatically improved. The electricity used by electric forklifts helps significantly lower greenhouse gases, which are often used to power forklifts.

Electric forklifts also help warehouses save a lot of money in their operations. For example, if you take a normal 8 hour shift, and using an electric forklift, only about $4 of electricity is used. In contrast, using a propane forklift will cost about $20 for a full day’s use. Using electrical forklifts can reduce warehouse costs in a big way – no fuel needed, no engine oil and no radiator coolant or transmission fluid; environmental conditions dramatically improve when using electrical forklifts.

The power of electric forklifts in warehouses is an unexpendable resource that vastly improves work in warehouses. It is efficient in saving money and energy, as well as keeping the warehouse environmentally friendly. Forklifts play a major role in the development of efficiency in a warehouse, so choose wisely when it comes to electric or propane.