The Benefits of Controlling your Cold Warehouse

Temperature controlled warehouses are critical when you work in the cold supply chain. These type of mechanically controlled cold storage warehouses are much more efficient and convenient than traditional methods.Product shelf life can be substantially increased using cold chain logistics. Many types produce, and other items can be stored in these warehouses. Some common food storage and a cold-chain warehouse include dairy, meat, fruits, and bakery Goods. In some instances, medical supplies need to be stored in a cold warehouse as well. Some examples of these items include blood, medicines, vaccines, and insulin. Another positive aspect of cold warehouse storage includes a smaller warehouse. Cold Storage warehouses need about a quarter of the amount of space that larger non-refrigerated warehouses need. Energy costs are also significantly reduced when using a cold storage warehouse. This reduction is because energy costs are greater for cooling than they are for heating. Large un-refrigerated open-air warehouses have a larger roof area which allows cold air to escape. Refrigerated warehouses have smaller roof surfaces, therefore, allowing for less cold air to be allowed to escape thus resulting in energy savings.Cold warehouses require less human labor as opposed to the non-refrigerated warehouses. Most of the work is done away from the refrigerated areas. This measure helps keep worker turned over to a minimum.Workers tend to leave their cold storage warehouse jobs quite frequently. Safety issues are also eliminated because workers are not in the in the aisles. This method also allows for greater accuracy. There is a higher degree of precision when loading supplies than traditional methods.Manual inventory is also eliminated which reduces the bottom line. Locating the proper produce or stock is essential in this industry. Cold storage warehouses are very accurate and allow for reduced in between time to deliver the product to the customer. Weight scales are also built into these units to verify loads. It is all so much easier to keep up with rotating stock to make sure that it’s fresh. This rotation makes sure that the oldest inventory is shipped first rather than sitting.Cold storage warehouses also create and almost 100% order fulfillment rate. There are many reasons to go with a cold storage Warehouse. It hits all the check marks when trying to improve and optimize storage and Warehouse businesses.