Environmental Responsibility Can Lead to Improved Profitability

Every sector of manufacturing today is affected by new environmental regulations. This is particularly the case in the food processing industry where government involvement is already intensive. However, this reality does not necessarily mean bad news for businesses. With the correct application of new technology, companies like Todd Construction Services can help food manufacturers protect the environment and grow more profitable. As companies upgrade facilities or build new plants that comply with environmental regulations, they will discover multiple benefits. For example, one company in California relocated to a new factory recently. The company management had already begun using ammonia instead of fluorocarbons in its cooling systems because the ammonia was safer on the environment overall. However, the massive amount of ammonia in use made the risk of a dangerous accident within the plant itself high, so the company determined to use a secondary cooling system in the new facility. A secondary cooling system uses a safer coolant in a facility’s primary cooling pipes. This reduces the amount of potentially dangerous coolants (such as ammonia) throughout a factory area. Although the more dangerous coolant is still used for some factory applications, its use is minimized for safety purposes. In the case of the California plant above, liquid glycol was used throughout most of the plant, leaving the ammonia in the machine room and condensers only. The new plant also made use of safer Cool-Fit plastic piping. These high-tech pipes are stronger, smaller, and easier to install than the traditional heavy metal pipes that are often part of older facilities. They take up less space and have far fewer maintenance issues over time. Todd Construction Services is able to combine years of past experience with the best present technologies when it comes to Cold Storage Construction for the food manufacturing industry. The company understands and expertly designs all of the technologies mentioned here. Todd Construction’s ability to install these systems in existing or new facilities can help food production companies accomplish multiple goals. Plants can meet government requirements, remain safer for the environment, protect the people who work in them, and become more profitable. That makes the new environmental regulations a win for everybody involved.