Food Processing Facility Construction

Food Processing Facility ConstructionYou Need Industry Expertise to Build or Renovate a Food Processing Facility
With rapidly changing market trends and regulations, the need for industry expertise in creating state of the art and energy efficient food processing facilities has never been more critical. That’s why it’s important to source a seasoned expert in the industry that understands the integration of the regulations your business faces along with the need to create cost efficiency. At Todd Construction Services, we listen to your specific needs and goals to design a plan just for you. Designing Around Your Needs The first step in creating the right design is listening. We listen to your needs to understand the flow of your particular operation, from beginning to end. Designing around workflow is critical to optimize your return. We specialize in the design and construction of FDA, USDA and cGMP facilities. Our design engineers are experts in highly automated hygienic systems for the dairy, beverage, meat, and snack-food industries. They also bring to the table a wealth of knowledge around energy efficiency in cold storage facilities from vapor barriers to types of low temperature fixtures and energy efficient refrigeration systems. Last but not least, is our understanding of the regulatory requirements and how to ensure that all aspects of the design adhere to them. Quality Construction is Critical
Over the years, we have developed a reputation of quality construction that we take seriously. We pride ourselves in handling the many details during the construction phase. Our experienced team of qualified project managers has over $190 million in industry related projects.Because our specialty is food-processing facilities and cold storage, we know what is needed to implement the design and construct a facility using proper materials and equipment with our best methods of construction practices. The end result is a facility that operates efficiently with low maintenance costs.
Todd Construction Services is a seasoned company specializing in food processing facilities and cold storage. We listen to our clients and design solutions integrating their needs with regulatory compliance. We design and build giving you state of the art equipment and tactics to improve overall operational costs. From Design to Build, we have a seasoned team that has worked with companies such as Tree Top, Neutrogena, 7Up, Sunkist, and many others. Call us today here at Todd Construction Services to see how we can help your business achieve higher efficiency.