Todd Construction For All Your Food Processing Plant Needs

Food manufacturing plants have numerous procedures that are essential to the safe handling of food. These mandates put design challenges on the structures that are exclusive to food production. Food processing plants endure physical and chemical abuse regularly, something that must be given much consideration. Being able to sanitize the work area on a daily basis is essential. There are many harsh chemicals and cleaners that are required to get the area clean. So, surfaces that are used must be able to handle the chemicals. Temperature requirements are often extreme too. From freezers that cool the products to below zero, to cooking rooms that cook the products up to five hundred degrees. It’s easy to see that the structure must be unique and able to handle both environments. The flooring is another significant area that most people wouldn’t think twice about. Moving that heavy equipment back and forth can actually damage not only the flooring but also the walls. Government regulations and inspectors keep a close eye on the processing of cheese, meat, dairy and anything else that is used for human consumption. Inspections from the USDA or the FDA require a specific layout of the food facility. Not just any set-up will work. Things from food preparation to packaging flow must be considered. It can be very costly to buy a structure and try to set it up according to zones and requirements. Better yet, it is imperative to know what is expected before any equipment is bought, or work is done. The products must be food safe and many key factors about the layout and facility design come into play. Once the layout for the facility has been established, materials and other components need to be determined. Things that must be taking into consideration are: • Food Safety • Sanitation • Life-Cycle Costs • Durability • Maintenance Food Plant Manufacturing has comprehensive knowledge of the nuances of crafting a food facility. Some options to consider are: • Architectural Plans • Green Concepts • Production Capacity • Building Codes • Piping • Ammonia Systems • Freezers and Cold Solutions • Lighting Systems • Backup Generator Power • Air Flow Systems • Equipment There are many things to take consideration when constructing a new processing plant. The design must be meticulously laid out and according to the local building codes, but also in line with the type of processing. There are so many governing agencies that will be happy to write a violation that is paid to do it right the first time. Todd Construction can help.