Todd Construction: Putting The Competition In The Cold

Food Processing Design We want quality. We want it in everything that we purchase. Whether it be goods or services it has to be quality. Every business owner knows that even a small expense can be a big investment when you spend your money wisely. The business of Cold Storage Construction is no different. It simply must work and it must do so within industry operating standards. Todd Construction is a company that goes above and beyond to not only meet but exceed customer expectations. That is the way they do business and it shows if you are a customer. With their safety record being second to none and their impeccable reputation for finishing big projects on time and within budgetary guidelines. This is a company that stands on it’s reputation of great service as a cornerstone of how to do business. With proven results from their USDA Consultants and HACCP Specialists being backed by records to show consistency. Serving the Food Industry since 1972 they have in depth and comprehensive knowledge of Code Requirements for processing and manufacturing facilities. So whether it be that you are just starting from scratch and need professional help or just upgrading existing equipment, they have got you covered. Being efficient at what they do means that the customer gets a more efficient facility. A more efficient facility means less cost for the business owner. Less overhead is a (Very Big Deal) when it comes to business. And when it comes to business Todd Construction is serious about their customer. Period. When it comes to quality our work speaks for itself.